A must-have skincare guide for fall and winter

A must-have skincare guide for fall and winter

For every girl who loves beauty, fair and supple skin is the ideal skin condition.

In order to become beautiful, the number of skin care products you buy is definitely endless. Masks should be one of them. Especially when the autumn is high, the skin is dry and dehydrated, a moisturizing mask is needed for first aid! Make sure that after applying before bed, the skin will be filled with water as if drinking 8 glasses of water the next day ~ Follow-up makeup will definitely not get stuck, so if you have skin problems after makeup, don't blame you Liquid foundation!

As for whitening, it is necessary to do prevention from the source, that is, to protect against sun! Reducing the formation of melanin, even in autumn and winter, should not reduce the application of sunscreen because ultraviolet radiation is still present. As the saying goes, "One hides three ugly." This is not completely unreasonable, just as if you choose lipstick, you will choose a white color.

Nanos Technologies Company Limited

Nanos Technologies Company Limited was established in 2007. In the same year, it was authorized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to produce functional products developed by its functional and intelligent textile Nanos Technologies centre and sold products to Asian and American regions by using the EcoNano trademark. The goal of Nanos Technologies Company is to continuously optimize current products and develop new products with nanotechnology. The company also cooperates with different famous brands and uses nanotechnology in their products.
In 2018, Nanos Tech started to sell EcoNano Graphene Rejuvenation Mask with the Smart Facial Device in Asian regions. Negative ions introduce 10 kinds of beauty essences into the deep layer of skin, which can tighten and smoothing the skin, as well as reducing wrinkles. The positive ions take away the oily dirt and colour on the skin surface, which are absorbed by the Lipo-Eraser, leaving pores deeply cleansed.

Graphene Nano Rejuvenation Mask

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