女士們很容易就會有皮膚的問題出現,我先提出三個女士最主要的兩大問題,分別為美白及保濕。很多女士想美白,可能是耳熟能詳的一句 ——「一白遮三醜」,令到有一個白就可以更接近美的概念出現。同時,因為陽光猛然關係,容易出現色素,令到斑出現的機率增加,令美白的需求增加。加上女士很多時都會進出商場,令到皮膚乾的情況出現較高,所以保濕也是重點關注問題 有一個小方法,大家都可以試一下,這個方法很簡單的,大家都可以在家裡試試看。要準備的分別是,爽膚水、檸檬以及適量化妝棉。首先,倒出適當的爽膚水在器皿內。其次,把檸檬變成檸檬汁,把三滴檸檬水滴進爽膚水內,搞拌。再者,把化妝棉浸在器皿內。最後,把化妝棉當面膜敷在臉上待十分鐘後洗臉,再塗保養品就可以。 希望這個方法,可以簡單地保養皮膚,令皮膚更閃亮。

Nanos Technologies Company Limited

Nanos Technologies Company Limited was established in 2007. In the same year, it was authorized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to produce functional products developed by its functional and intelligent textile Nanos Technologies centre and sold products to Asian and American regions by using the EcoNano trademark. The goal of Nanos Technologies Company is to continuously optimize current products and develop new products with nanotechnology. The company also cooperates with different famous brands and uses nanotechnology in their products.
In 2018, Nanos Tech started to sell EcoNano Graphene Rejuvenation Mask with the Smart Facial Device in Asian regions. Negative ions introduce 10 kinds of beauty essences into the deep layer of skin, which can tighten and smoothing the skin, as well as reducing wrinkles. The positive ions take away the oily dirt and colour on the skin surface, which are absorbed by the Lipo-Eraser, leaving pores deeply cleansed.

Graphene Nano Rejuvenation Mask

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